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Our Webcam showing the Water Tower of Vasa, Finland
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Our Webcam

The Gastrolab webcam shows part of the central Vasa on the west coast of Finland, with the water tower in the centre of the image. The picture is updated every 1 - 5 minutes - not all the time though - and is an excellent way of finding out what weather we have in Vasa just now. From time to time this webcam shows other views of the central part of Vasa or the Gastrolab Home Page production facilities.

The webcam is on air by the help of "Cam Commander" by Exxcalibur Software. The time stamp is hour:minute AM/PM month/day/year.

And, if the weather information in the image above is not sufficient, here some more facts about today´s weather in our town:

Click for Vaasa Forecast

And now a short lession in Finnish:

Havaintopaikka = Place of observation
Kevyttä = Light
Puoli = Half
Pilvistä = Cloudy
Lumisadetta = Snow
Sadetta = Rain Selkeãã = Bright
Tuuli = Wind
Tyyni = Calm
Ilmanpaine = Air pressure
Klikkaa tästä = Click here
Sääennuste = Weather forecast

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May 10, 2007